How does it work?

All Football for Schools (F4S) activities are designed to be delivered at your school – this can be during classroom time or before/after school. It may even be in your community or at your club.

There are many different sessions that teach football skills and life skills – both are important!

We want you to have a positive experience as a participant in the F4S Programme – if there is something that is making it difficult for you, please tell your educator or the headmaster.

Can I tell my friends about it?

Of course! The more, the merrier!

The programme is open to everyone – boys and girls.

Do my parents know about the programme?

Your parents will hopefully have been informed by the school or your educator (or coach). If not, you can also explain to them that you are playing football and learning life skills in this FIFA Foundation programme.

Do I have to attend every session?

No. We would like you to attend as many as possible – but we understand that you probably have other important things to do too. You can attend as many sessions as you like.

What will I get from attending the session?

Your school will receive footballs and training equipment for the programme, which will be part of the training. Perhaps your school can also provide certificates or prizes for the programme.

Will there be matches against other schools or any tournaments?

The F4S Programme is designed to be run at each school. The sessions may involve matches and exercises among learners from the same school – and these can be fun too! It is up to your school to organise matches against other schools or to take part in tournaments and other competitions.

Can I take part in this programme and also play for my school team or club?

Of course! You can be involved in as many football activities as you like.