Positive values of football – specific content for kids

Football is not only about winning or losing; it is also about learning and developing skills, both on and off the pitch. Skills off the pitch are called life skills and they are important for you to develop as a person.

Football is a good way to learn positive values. For example, you need to learn how to play in a team, how to win and lose with dignity, and how to play fairly. You can learn various skills and values alongside your team-mates while playing football – and that is a great way to become a better person!

Children’s Code of Conduct

When playing football, it is good to follow this code of conduct, from the FIFA Grassroots Programme:

– Play for your own enjoyment and not simply to please your parents or coaches.

– Enjoy football, develop and flourish through football.

– Learn and respect the rules of the game and the rules of the group.

– Fit in to the group and be a good team-mate.

– Respect your opponents.

– Accept the decisions of the referees and your coach-educators.

– Ensure fair play in all circumstances.